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This is Just Perfect

I’ve been working on distilling this observation I’ve had for some time now. Not sure how accurate it is, but honestly it cannot be accurate at all. It’s too reductive to be true in any case or in all cases but it makes for interesting thinking, which is the whole point of writing anything anyway.

Here goes:

“There’s two types of people in this world: people who expect other people to be perfect and the other type of persons who expect that other people are not perfect all the time.”


I’m not sure if that’s a well constructed sentence but I think that’s okay. I came up with this after years of working as a Human Factors Scientist where my job was to anticipate all the follies people can have when operating a machine or reading instructions. The more I learned and observed was the more I realized people can make all sorts of errors be them cognitive or physical or psychosocial.

But even I was doing work on this stuff, I realized that there are people whom I often encountered in life that expected others to be perfect, in their speech, in their manners, in their life. Most of the people I know are cognitively well-endowed, so it would make sense that from time to time they do forget that no everyone is as quick or as smart as them. But sometimes those interactions are between people who are just as cognitively well-endowed, so it doesn’t makes sense per se. That’s why I think there is the Type 1 Persons of this world.

As I was forming the quote above, I also considered a Type 3 Person. There are those people who’d like to say they are not perfect but think they are perfect. I haven’t quite formed who type of person this is because there should also be an anti-thesis to this type too. More to come (or not).