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How to Spend It

Even before the pandemic and when times were good, most free financial planning and money articles focusses so much on how much to save, where to invest it and so on and so forth.

Sure, there is a need to save enough to reach “escape velocity” but I’ve found that especially with these free financial planning and money articles, there is an over-correction by giving people too much advice on saving pennies.

Perhaps for most of us, the challenge is to earn it, save it and grow it. But I feel there needs to be a better conversation about how to spend it too. After all, the hard earned money must at some point be money well spent somewhere.

There is less focus on what makes you truly happy and what is enough. I think there ought to be more of that thinking even in myself.

If there’s one thing to be frugal on, it’s the waste of time, effort or money in doing things you don’t want.

Either way, I hope you and your families are spending some of that time together over a wonderful end-of-year holiday and new years.


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