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3 Best Reads of this Week

“As it applies to a product and technology organization, leading with context takes real effort to do well, and it’s a major responsibility of your product leaders.  But if you want to empower your product teams and push decision making down to the people closest to the problems and the enabling technology, then it’s well worth your time.”

Leading with Context Not Control, Marty Cagan

“Long term is harder than most people imagine, which is why it’s more lucrative than many people assume. Everything worthwhile has a price, and the prices aren’t always obvious. The real price of long term – the skills required, the mentality needed – is easy to minimize, often summarized with simple phrases like “be more patient,” as if that explains why so many people can’t.”

How Do You Do Long Term, Morgan Housel

“Currently, Melio is pursuing new-market disruption. Most SMBs have been ignored and unserved by fintech companies. That makes sense, by the way. Since the whole market was ripe for the picking, the logical move was to go after the juiciest segment. That left a huge opportunity for Melio, though: there are enough SMBs still using paper, who have not entered the world of digital B2B payments at all, that they’ll have years’ worth of opportunity in that segment of the market alone.”

Melio: Disrupting the $25T B2B Payments Market, Packy McCormick