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“Tower Defence” as Investing

It’s been a number of years, perhaps 8 now that originally found my way to playing Kingdom Rush. Every new variant of this “tower defence” game is sure to be addictive; I’ve stayed up late on my iPhones to play the game even though it’s more enjoyable on an iPad.

It’s a genre that I quickly fell in love with.

It’s only it’s current iteration that it’s dawn on me that a lot of the decisions I make in tower defence type games are in fact very much like “value” investing. And as Charlie Munger would say, all investing is really value investing so really tower defence games = investing.

Here’s how they’re alike.

  • You have a finite number of resources to devote to create your defensive strategy.
  • There are number of slots (i.e. like the punch card metaphor that Buffett uses a lot) where you can build your defences, but can also choose to double-down on fortifying singular outpost where the strategy suits it. (i.e. Concentrated bets).
  • Once you place your bets by building the things you want, you mostly sit back and let the waves of marauding fiends came through. Based on your research, knowledge and experience, your “investments” should hold up.