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The Yin

Maybe this is a deeper topic, but what I’ve learned and continue to think that is important to not forget is about the yin and the yang.

The yin in particular, I would characterize as the non-purely logical aspects is important in design and product.

I love Rory Sutherland’s thesis in Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business and Life where he says that we should look at the psycho-logical not just the logical or psychological. There is wisdom to be found in understanding that coming at a problem ONLY from the logical point of view doesn’t win us over competitors or understand our users better.

Steve Jobs knew this when he said, paraphrasing that users don’t know what they want and certainly cannot tell you by just simply asking them. You need to give users, customers what they don’t know they want, but deeply want or need, and at scale (adding Naval Ravikant’s quote) to be able to build something meaningful and profitable.

Don’t forget The Yin.