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Proud Of No Matter What

One thing that I think I’ve been proud of no matter what is the number of (literal) steps I’ve taken. (Come to think of it, I’m also proud of the metaphorical steps I’ve taken to but that’s a story for another day.)

Like most people, I’ve used my gadgets to track this. In the past year, I’ve averaged about 7800 steps a day. I’m getting closer to this illusive 10k steps or I’ll try to.

This got me thinking and reflecting on those days I was walking. I was walking in the rain, in the extreme cold, in extreme humidity and heat. I was walking when I was sick, when I felt great, when I wasn’t feeling so well mentally or physically.

Each and one of those 365.4 days was filled with some crazy thing I needed to accomplish. But it’s those steps that I’ve had one of the more significant things to show for it.

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