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Yesterday afternoon, we said goodbye to our Elton*.

Elton lived with us for over four and half years. He was old, his exact age not known because he was found as a stray before we adopted him but our vet would later tell us that he’s likely in the mid-teens. He had many chronic illnesses develop over the years but in the end it wasn’t just one thing; he just died of old age, peacefully.

He was stubborn, sweet, willful, and above all, highly sensitive. He loved nothing more than having us at home, his most relaxed state was snuggled between us on the couch.

Every passerby that saw him, was charmed by him. Every.

It’s still painful and tears come in waves. His presence is missed in the mornings where I spent my most intimate moments with him before my partner wakes up. He’s there when I’m “on the john”. He’s there when I do yoga. He’s here with me now, in spirit.

There’s so many funnily frustrating and frustratingly funny stories and I’ve felt the urge to write them all — to show how much of an angel he was to me/us. There will be time for that later. For now, I just wanted to mention it here.

“We love you so much, Elton.”

*We had talked extensively on what we would name our first dog, but in the end the rescue named him Elton and when we saw him we knew we would keep him and his name as is.