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Becoming Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Vegan

Becoming seems to be the correct word to use here.

A few months ago I had a health scare. It seems like I’ve been having health scares since 2016 now come to think of it. Me and my partner have spent hours at various doctors and specialists offices since then and nothing seems to be concluded in any which way. My symptoms then go away and I feel fine — at least for a while.

Then sometime happens (I don’t know what exactly) and it starts again. Maybe it never left and the symptoms were just dormant. But in these cycles of pain and anxiety, I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and about taking care of myself where I can. The internet is good for that to some degree, until your entire YouTube feed becomes recommendations for the same thing but with other content creators on the same topic. Technology has a way to amplify whatever it is we want to see, even though it doesn’t have a clue that that amplification can add to our hopes or just our anxieties. I guess that’s why there’s been studies that say using social media makes people generally more depressed. (I don’t believe in those studies though.)

These health scares that I’ve lived through and still living through to some degree makes me realize a number of things that seems to only makes sense when you experience it for yourself. People tell you, people show you, people tell you on television and nothing seems to help until you yourself realize it. I hope you realize it before you need he experience first hand but ironically there is no other good way.

In these cycles of seeking out anything that may work, anything that might not make it worse, I discovered this Whole-Foods, Plant-Based (WFPB) movement. It’s always been there with evolutions of vegan, vegetarianism but in recent years it’s taken this form of not just what this movement is against or obtaining from, but not from the perspective of what the benefits can be.

It’s one thing to say you should avoid this and avoid that, it’s another marketing tactic to say:

“See, look what this can do for you and what you can be.”.

Mine and mine alone

This might become a fad like keto was. This might become the fad for xylitol candies and “Boba” that came before it. But I think there is some longevity to this one (no pun intended). There’s fads these days with the Impossible and Beyond Burgers and meats but I think eating good, real food is here to stay. What did Michael Pollan say?

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

Michal Pollan in, In Defence of Food

(Here’s my own recipe to made simple and creamy vegan soup.)