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3 Best Reads of This Week

“One way to get a sense of the value capture ability of a marketplace is by measuring its take rate. The take rate is essentially the average percentage of the value of third party transactions which is captured by the platform or marketplace as fees or commissions. Mathematically, take rates are calculated by dividing the net revenue generated by a platform or marketplace by the gross merchandise volume of transactions that net revenue was generated on.”

Marketplace take rate factors, Tanay Jaipuria

“The power of compounding. We investors talk about it a lot, but it seems the great entrepreneurs, with their unshakable ownership stakes in really good businesses, really reap the rewards. We should learn to be more like them.”

The Best Investors of All Time, Woodlock House Family Capital, Chris Mayer

“If you think about it, you already look out for the unexpected every day, but perhaps only as a defence mechanism. For example, whenever you use a pedestrian crossing on a busy road, you look out for the unexpected driver who might race through the red light. That ‘alertness’ to, or awareness of, the unexpected is at the centre of understanding the science of (smart) luck and exploiting it to your benefit.”

How to Open Up To Serendipity and Create Your Own Luck, Christian Busch