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3 Best Reads of this Week

“Simpson’s philosophy is similar to Buffett’s and Philip Fisher’s. It revolves around a few main tenants and is best described as concentrated, long-term bets in great businesses with great management at reasonable prices. It’s an approach that is easier said than done.”

Wise Words from Lou Simpson, Novel Investor

“Research shows that sitting can be bad for our health in many ways – with some even suggesting it’s as bad for us as smoking. And our new study has revealed that 30 minutes of daily exercise is not enough to overcome the health risks of sitting too much. But we also revealed that with the right balance of time spent exercising and moving, it may be possible to counteract the negatives of sitting.”

Importance of Light Movement to Counteract the Effects of Sitting, The Conversation

“Whether you call it mock, faux, or plant-based meat, vegetarian substitutes for beef, pork, chicken (and even seafood) have a long history in the greater China region—and a delicious future.”

Plant-Based Meat Has Existed for Centuries in Asia — and It’s Still Going Strong, Food & Wine