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3 Best Reads of this Week

“Duke economist Mike Munger calls these three types of transaction costs triangulation, how hard it is to find and measure the quality of a service; transfer, how hard it is to bargain and agree on a contract for the good or service; and trust, whether the counterparty is trustworthy or you have recourse if they aren’t.”

Markets are Eating the World, Taylor Pearson

“There are hundreds of thousands of complete SARS-CoV-2 genomes available and this number increases every day. This visualization can only handle ~3000 genomes in a single view for performance and legibility reasons. Because of this we subsample available genome data for these analysis views. Our primary global analysis subsamples to ~600 genomes per continental region with ~400 from the previous 4 months and ~200 from before this. This results in a more equitable global sequence distribution, but hides samples available from regions that are doing lots of sequencing.”

Nextstrain – Genomic epidemiology of novel coronavirus – Global subsampling

“There’s a story Greg Abel likes to tell. Many years ago, when he was president of Iowa power producer MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co., he caught wind that George H.W. Bush was coming to town. The elder Bush needed a ride to Des Moines, where his son planned to announce his run for president. Mr. Abel manoeuvred to secure transportation on behalf of MidAmerican. The company was headquartered in Des Moines, after all, and there was an energy issue he wanted to discuss.”

The Oracle of Edmonton: Meet the Canadian who just might succeed Warren Buffett, Globe & Mail