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3 Best Reads of this Week

“The decreasing cost of starting a startup has in turn changed the balance of power between founders and investors. Back when starting a startup meant building a factory, you needed investors’ permission to do it at all. But now investors need founders more than founders need investors, and that, combined with the increasing amount of venture capital available, has driven up valuations.”

How People Get Rich Now, Paul Graham

“Complex systems should teach us to stop trying to predict narrow outcomes, to expect extreme events and focus solely on what is either Resilient or Optional. Starting points matter! If we acknowledge Complexity Investing, we end up with a very different way to allocate capital. We believe this framework is well-suited to helping clients meet investment objectives across a wide range of future outcomes in a world with increasing disruption.”

Complexity Investing, NZS Capital

“And it turns out that if I think that spending implies wealth, I’m actually going to be more financially vulnerable.”

Episode 141: Hal Hershfield: The Psychology of Long-Term Decision Making, Rational Reminder Podcast