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3 Best Reads of this Week

“For McLuhan, media have a certain deterministic quality, they make certain things happen. He mocks the idea that media are somehow neutral. He would scoff at the statement that, say, “Facebook is neither good or bad, it’s what people do with it that counts.” No.”

The Medium is the Message, Chris Mayer

“Time is invisible, so it’s easy to spend. It’s only near the end of our life that most of us will realize the value of time. Make sure you’re not too busy to pay attention to life.”

The Shortness of Time, Farnam Street

“1. Humans are illogical and driven by emotion, not logic.

2. We “satisfice”, which makes the price premium gained from advertising and marketing a form of insurance.

3. We don’t value things; we value their meaning. Perception is key.

4. Not everything that counts can be measured, and vice versa.”

The Rory Sutherland Marketing Playbook, Better Marketing