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3 Best Reads of this Week

“One way to think of this chart [see article] is that there’s a “most convenient” investing time horizon – probably something around ten years. That’s the period in which markets are nearly always to reward your patience. The more your time horizon compresses the more you rely on luck and tempt ruin.”

Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast – Morgan Housel

“First off, a narrative is a document that everyone at Amazon uses to set out team, organization, or individual planning, typically for the year ahead. It is limited to a maximum of six pages (but can have a reasonable number of appendices), and you can’t cheat that page count with non-existent margins or tiny fonts.”

Startups: How to Use Amazon’s Narrative Process to Set Goals and Think Clearly, Richard Howard

“The Fed, along with the Treasury, most likely saved the U.S. from a crippling financial crisis that would have made it harder for businesses to survive, rebound and rehire, intensifying the economic damage the coronavirus went on to inflict. Many of the programs have since ended or are scheduled to do so, and markets are functioning fine.”

The financial crisis the world forgot, The Globe and Mail