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10 Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today my “aunt” past away.

I’ve grown since then and many things have changed, but I still can turn on the waterworks when I think about her anywhere and anytime. (In fact, it’s happening now.)

I saw she was my aunt because she wasn’t a blood-relation. She was my god-mother, but I refer to her as my actual aunt because in all respects, she was. Just a stranger my Mom met on a ferry ride many years ago during her daily commute. My Mom kept seeing her on the ferry and one day decided to offer her candy as a means of starting a conversation. That conversation led to a close friendship for many years and across many miles.

Years later and after I was born, our two families immigrated to different places, different countries yet we still kept in touch.

I took many trips to the Bay Area to visit her and her family, sometimes with my Mom and sometimes by myself. There was one time that I spent a whole summer here, my aunt having put me in summer camp and swimming lessons. I also travelled with her all across the West Coast and mid-west.

I also met many friends here, some of whom were just kids my age that I hung out with while I was here during the summers. This kind of turned into my alternative life even though it was miles from my home.

The kind of love and generosity that I was shown as a kid growing up is something I’ll carry with me. That lives on in me.

Thank you, Doris.

In front of Doris’ restaurant in the Bay Area

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