I Ditched Google Search for DuckDuckGo

Since the beginning, I’ve held steadfast in using Google Search for 100% of how I navigate the web.

Over the years, I’ve found utility in (the former) Google Finance (RIP, I loved you, but now I use KoyFin) and in recent years, I’ve used Google Flights to help me easily and quickly plan trips. The integration with personal preferences was a bonus, but it wasn’t really the reason why I stuck with Google Search.

Fast forward to today, the job-to-be-done (JTBD), i.e. typing in a clause or intersection of word tags and you can find relevant results, is something that other search engines do well. For a time there, I had used Bing (having bought a Windows Phone, a story for another time). Not sure what Bing’s search-share is now, but I no longer see people using it much or if at all.

I also new of DuckDuckGo for a while now. I’ve used it in the past only to submit websites I’ve created for SEO-purposes. There were occasional searches I’ve done but not many in the last decade.

It wasn’t until the Brave Browser came out earlier this year that I’ve started to give DuckDuckGo a try. I’ve never been personally overly concerned about privacy issues, so I never had a need to really try anything other than Chrome and Google Search.

I gave Brave a try and liked it. Its focus on privacy was incidental to me trying it, but it also made me rethink about privacy and to give DuckDuckGo a chance as my default search engine. I remember the search results not being as good as Google’s just a few years ago. In my humble opinion it really has caught and there is not real difference between the searches. I would say every 20th search you get duds, or the most relevant one isn’t in the top 5 results.

But overall, DuckDuckGo has becomes a great experience (there is dark mode) and more importantly there is no real difference in its utility when compared with Google Search.